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Australian Made & Australian Owned.

Where possible we source all materials in Australia. When the technology is not available we source the overseas option that delivers the highest quality to the market.

All MagicEzy products are manufactured and assembled in Australia from Australian and imported materials. All proprietary formulas are developed in Australia.

It’s so easy and the color match is perfect, brilliant. I’m really happy
with the result – the repairs look really good and I’m keen to go
around and find more and actually fix them!

STEVE D owner of 39FT leopard catamaran

There were two small chips on the bottom of a repainted steel bathtub.  I researched online and decided to try  MagicEzy. The instructions said to tape around the site and it would take 48 hours to dry. I was afraid the epoxy paint would lift off if tape was used. Not using a tub for 48 hours was not realistic. The Product Manager and one of her associates answered my questions promptly with good advice. They recommended Bright White Tile Repair; using a hair dryer to hasten curing; and not to use the tub for up to 14 days. They also offered a refund if it didn’t work. It was easy to apply and after using the hair dryer, the tub was used after four days with no problem. It has been six months with a perfect repair. An impressive product and company.

Bill L


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