Common car scratch repair mistakes

Cars are very expensive, so as owners, we try our best to protect it from getting scratches, dents, and chips and other type of paint damage. However, no matter how hard we try, damage is often unavoidable. The problem is, car scratch repair and other auto touch-up paint repair services are very expensive. No matter how small or big the scratch or chip, you can find that it is expensive to make it look good again. That is why, most of the time, car owners do DIY repair to avoid spending more money. 

Unfortunately, DIY auto scratch repair isn’t recommended unless you have the right knowledge and the right repair product. Instead of saving money by doing the repair themselves, owners sometimes make the damage worse. So to save car owners time and money, here are some common mistakes people make when repairing car scratches and chips.

1. Using car paint

One thing that you need to understand about car paint is that it is only about 10 to 12 percent solid. That is why achieving a build-up that is level with the original paint work is very difficult to achieve. You need at least 20 layers of car paint to get a build-up. Furthermore, car paint is not a very strong bond. It can easily fail. In other words, car paint is not suited for chips and car scratch repair. So don’t waste your money on buying expensive car paint.

2. Looking at the repair afterward

Another common mistake made by car owners is looking at the final repair. They usually inspect the repair too closely Obviously, if you look at the repair at very close range, the repair will be noticeable. The standard that professional car repairers use after they finished repairing damage is looking at it from a meter away or 1 point 2 yards. So don’t drive yourself crazy by repairing to perfection and looking at it microscopically.

3. Failure to assess the size of the damage

If the damage on your car is too large, car touch-up or scratch repair products will not be enough to repair it. So no matter how much touch-up filler you use, you won’t be able to get the finish that you want. The best solution for fixing large car damage is full respraying using traditional refinishing technology. So if you have very large damage to your car, don’t waste your money on auto touch-up paint. Just go with a full respray. 

On the other hand, if you have a small chip that is 6 mm or a quarter of an inch or a scratch that is not wider than 3mm or an 8 inch, then car touch up paint like MagicEzy Auto Scratch RepairEzy is enough to fix it. It is a new auto touch up paint technology that is very easy to use. You can do it yourself and repair your car in an instant without spending much.

4. Trying to find the perfect color

Another mistake car owners make when fixing cars is that they try to find the exact color match. But the truth is, car colors vary. You will just waste your time in trying to find the exact match for your car. What you need is a range of colors that you need to mix.

The good thing is, with MagicEzy Auto Scratch RepairEzy you can easily find the right color match for your car no matter whether it is a Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, Ford   Chevrolet or any other make. All you need to do is get a white color as a base, mix it with other colors so you can get different shades like creams, beige, pure white, and silver. You can also adjust the color of your silver to lighter or darker ones. 

MagicEzy Auto Scratch RepairEzy is a blobless auto touch-up filler that fills and dries smoothly without leaving an ugly mess. It is created by the world’s pioneer in professional auto touch-up systems and has a three (3) durability guarantee. You can use it on all areas of your car including roof, doors, and hoods. Non-metal parts such as plastic bumpers and wheel trims can be repaired by priming the surface with MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer first.


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