Fix chips and cracks on ceramic and granite tiles

Most homes have tile damage and most homeowners think that when cracks or chips appear the only way to fix the damage is to replace the tile.

The truth is, there is an easy way to repair hairline cracks, deep cracks, chips, and gouges in all types of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble and stone.

With MagicEzy’s pre-colored **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™, it’s easy to fix even the finest hairline cracks or if you have deeper damage, use MagicEzy’s structural grade **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ DEEP CHIP FILLER to firstly fill the area then after you’ve allowed the repair to dry for an hour or two, apply the appropriate shade of TILE FIX as a glossy topcoat.

**MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ comes in common tile colours including clear, white, metallic white, honey beige, red beige, chocolate, black, blue, yellow, gold, burgundy, and red.

Step1 – Clean the Damaged Area

For **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ to strongly adhere it’s important that the surface is free of dirt and grease.

First – remove any ground-in grime or dirt that has been wedged inside the crack or chip. The easiest way to do that is to use a needle to scrape the repair.

Second – scrub the damaged area using a nail brush along with two drops of dishwashing detergent mixed with a cup of water.

Step 2 – Fill the damaged area

MagicEzy has two products that repair tile damage. For cracks use **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™. For wider cracks or deep chips, use **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ DEEP CHIP FILLER first then, for a glossy, color-matched look, apply the matching color of **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™.

Before applying **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ , shake the tube rapidly for two minutes This will loosen the product and ensure it is mixed well.

Next – ensure that the area you want to repair is approximately body temperature. This provides the ideal environment for the repair to adhere and also dry quickly. If it’s colder than body temperature, heat it up for a few minutes using a hairdryer.

Step 3 – Apply the repair

Open the tube and apply one drop into the crack or if you’re using 9 Second Chip Fix, use enough to overfill the chipped area.

Step 4 – Achieve a smoothly levelled repair

This is the step that determines whether or not your repair will be visible to the eye. The more level the surface, the more invisible it appears regardless of whether the color is a perfect match.

MagicEzy has made it easy for you to produce a level repair by including a built-in levelling device at the end of the tube.

So – once you’ve applied *MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ to the damaged area, rotate the tube 180o. Rapidly wipe the repaired area 10 times. This thins out the product and pushes it further into the damaged area.

Once *MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ starts feels tacky, clean the leveling device with a tissue and wipe away the

Repeat the process until all smears have disappeared.

If, on the other hand, you’re using **MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ DEEP CHIP FILLER, the leveling process is a little different. Simply wipe the repaired area once with the leveling device built into the tube. Next – clean the level with a tissue and wipe away any remaining smears. Repeat the process until all smears have disappeared.

Step 5 – Dry the surface using a hairdryer

Once you’ve completed the levelling process, it’s now time to dry the repair using a hairdryer for approximately two minutes. The repair should be touch dry in approximately two hours.

Step 6 – Recoat

Once two hours have passed and *MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ has partially dried, it’s time to recoat the surface to address anyshrinkage that may have occurred.

Step 7 – Match the Gloss Level

Different tiles are finished with different levels of gloss.

*MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ dries to a gloss finish.

If you’d prefer a matte finish, all you need to do is tap the repair with a glove using a feather touch level of pressure until it looks matte.

You can buy a *MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ Starter Kit which contains four base colors that make it easy for you to blend together so you can achieve a perfect color match. You can buy *MAGICEZY TILE FIX™ and the

**MagicEzy Tile Fix is not sold in the USA but is available in all other countries. US residents, try MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy instead.

MagicEzy Tile Fix™ is a registered trademark of Yesnil Pty Ltd, used under license.


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