Tile repair mistakes to avoid

It goes without saying that cracked or chipped tiles are a big challenge for most homeowners.

The most common areas that cracks appear are around the drain holes in bathrooms. Tiled kitchen floors often also experience a lot of chips thanks to saucepans or crockery being dropped.

It doesn’t matter whether the tiled surface is ceramic, porcelain, granite or marble, no tiled surface is damage proof.

The question becomes, how can you repair the tile damage easily without the repair looking worse than the damage?

Until recently, the only way to achieve a good looking, long-lasting repair was to replace the damaged tile. As you can imagine, this is incredibly complicated and you risk creating more damage.

A few years back, filler products appeared on the market, claiming to repair tile damage. The challenge was, most of these products didn’t have the adhesion needed for the repair to stay in place. The other problem was that because the filler product wasn’t colored, wasn’t glossy, and wasn’t colored, repairs often looked worse than the crack.

MagicEzy then came along with an all-in-one, pre-colored tile filler that repairs and colors damaged tiles fast making it easy to achieve a color-matched repair.

Regardless of which tile repair product you use, there are some common mistakes that people make. Here are the most common ones and what you can do to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Dented Repairs Caused by Slump

Fillers all experience slump or shrinkage. In fact, they can shrink by nearly 10% so even though you may think you’ve created a level repair, once it dries there’s a clear dent in the repair which makes the repair highly visible.

The other key problem with shrinkage is that it often leaves a gap between the repair and the damaged surface. This gap allows moisture to get in which causes further problems. Not only that, because the repair is no longer sticking to the tiled surface, further cracks appear.

MagicEzy, the manufacturers of MAGICEZY TILE FIX (not available in USA) and MAGICEZY TILE REPAIREZY (in USA) have solved that problem. The nanotechnology that they have incorporated into their formula produces very little shrinkage so it doesn’t need to be continually reapplied with multiple coats. When you perform the repair all you need to do is wait for two hours and then, if needed, apply an additional coat.

Mistake #2: Porous Repairs

Some do-it-yourself repairers try to use a porous filler to repair chipped tiles.

The problem with doing that is because the filler is porous, it attracts dirt and grime which quickly discolors the repaired surface and makes it highly noticeable.

**MAGICEZY TILE FIX and TILE REPAIRezy are glossy, pre-colored, water-resistant fillers so they dry with a gloss finish which means it’s non-porous so it won’t discolor due to wear and tear.

Mistake #3: Ineffective Repair Products that Don’t Adhere Strongly and Have Poor Flexibility

When you buy any repair product designed to fill damage, you automatically expect it’s going to strongly adhere to the damaged surface.

In many cases, the reality is often different. They purchase a marble, granite or ceramic repair product or kit, follow the instructions and perform the repair, and a month later the crack in the tile has widened or the repair itself has popped out.

Needless to say, when selecting a tile or stone repair product it’s important that you choose one that has structural grade adhesion.

But adhesion isn’t the only quality to look out for. It’s also important that the product flexes so when your flooring moves (as it does in most properties), the repair moves with the tile. If it doesn’t, you’ll find that, again, the repair pops out or the crack in the tile actually widens.

The product is based on a patented nanotechnology solution with the same level of structural grade adhesion that is used in bridge construction. Not only that, but it also delivers a high level of flexibility so when your flooring inevitably shifts, the repair flexes too which prevents cracks from reappearing.

The product works on multiple surfaces including ceramic, granite, marble, Caesarstone and other stone products.

It is available in the most common colors which are sold separately or you can purchase a Starter Kit with four base colors which make color matching easy. You can buy TILE FIX online in Australia, UK, Canada and Europe but it isn’t sold in USA. For USA sales check out TILE REPAIRezy.. Order yours today!

**MAGICEZY TILE FIX is not available in USA. Try MAGICEZY TILE REPAIRezy instead.


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