Zoom Glasses Scratch REPAIRezy™ - MagicEzy AU
Zoom Glasses Scratch REPAIRezy™ - MagicEzy AU

Glasses Scratch REPAIRezy™

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Glasses Scratch REPAIRezy™: Remove and Repair Scratches Instantly, Long Lasting Anti Fog Protectant, Repels Greasy Smears: Glass and Plastic …

  • 3-IN-ONE: Scratch repair, anti-fog and smudge repellent EASY to apply: Wipe it on and fine scratches disappear; A few drops go a long way;
  • DEFOG INSTANTLY: Stay protected for months; suitable for cold and hot environments;
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT; non-toxic and water soluble;
  • WORKS ON GLASS AND ACRYLIC; eye glasses, safety googles, swim & sport goggles, dive masks, binoculars, helmets, LCD screens, telescopes, camera lenses, mirrors, windscreens, aquariums, windows and more.

It’s no secret that scratches, fog and smudges on lenses and glass surfaces can obstruct your vision. Not only is that frustrating, in many situations it can be dangerous.

The trouble is, finding a single product to keep your glass and acrylic surfaces clean, fog-free and scratch-free can be difficult.

With Glasses Scratch REPAIRezy™ we’ve made it easy for you with an all-in-one, scratch remover, anti-fog and anti-smudge protectant designed specifically for lenses, glass, and LCD screens.

Simply apply a few drops and wipe. Scratches will instantly disappear and so will fog and smears.

Better still, it creates a durable nanotechnology protective coating that repels fog, scratches and grease marks for up to xxx weeks so there’s no need to constantly re-apply.

Use it on all glass and acrylic surfaces – from eyewear to mirrors, camera lenses and even LCD screens.


  • Instantly makes fine scratches visibly disappear
  • Prevents lenses from fogging up while swimming, diving, driving, riding, cooking, or working with safety goggles.
  • Repels smears
  • Scratch Resistant and non-abrasive
  • Durable so it lasts for weeks
  • Suitable for underwater use such as diving and swimming.
  • Easy to apply. Just squeeze and wipe. No need for polishing.
  • NON-TOXIC: Suitable for food preparation areas.
  • 60 DAY Money Back GUARANTEE – If you’re not happy with your purchase return it for a full refund – no questions asked.


  • EYEWEAR: suitable for all types of glass and acrylic eyewear including glasses, divine masks, safety goggles, swimming goggles, hunting, watersports.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: use it on mirrors, headlights and for fog-proofing windscreens and motorcycle helmets
  • LENSES: use on binoculars, cameras, telescopes.
  • LCD Screens: Ipads, TVs, computer monitors, mobile phones, Iphones.

Note: This product is only available for Australia.


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