MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™

Fix Chips & Holes in Ceramic Tiles Fast – Thick Tile Filler – Repair Kit

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  • SUPER STRONG AND DURABLE, COLORED PORCELAIN TILE REPAIR FILLER: powered by revolutionary nano-technology for long-lasting repairs; 3-year durability guarantee
  • MIX AND MATCH TILE COLORS: Match virtually any color porcelain tile with one of our repair kits
  • USE IT ON MOST SURFACES: all porcelain and ceramic tiles, bathtubs, sinks; plus fridge, stove and appliance scratch repair
  • GLOSS FINISH: Or for matte surfaces, you can easily adjust gloss levels

Our Tile Repair Kits come in 7 versions

    1. The Terracotta Repair Kit – for earthy terracotta tiles
    2. The Primary Colors Kit – for bright or federation colored tiles
    3. The Neutrals Kit – for a large range of beige, almond, tan, browns, and creams
    4. The Beige/White Kit – if you have beige tiles
    5. The Honey Beige/White Kit
    6. The Black and White Kit – for different shades of gray
    7. The Beige Repair Kit -Chocolate, White, and Honey-Beige

Repairing tile damaged surfaces is now easy with MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™!

Revolutionary, glossy nanotechnology crack filler, adhesive, and sealant, MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™ repairs fine cracks and chips in floor and wall tiles … in one application.

It allows you to easily repair ceramic or porcelain tiles, countertops and worktops, travertine, stone, laminate, home appliances and even chips in wooden surfaces.

MagicEzy’s revolutionary nano-technology and unique formula that penetrates deep into the cells of the damage for ultra-tough grip and durability – guaranteed.

MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™ is available in clear, white, metallic white, honey beige, red beige, chocolate, black, blue, yellow, gold, burgundy, and red. You can also mix and match colors. Try the MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™ Kit which features multiple colors that are easy to mix and match affordably.

To fill drill holes or deeper chips, first use MagicEzy Tile REPAIRezy™ Deep Chip Filler then color with Tile REPAIRezy.

Why MagicEzy TILE REPAIREzy™?

  1. Easy to use: All you need is a hairdryer and a toothpick and you can do a DIY tile repair in seconds.
  2. Flexible repair: Flexes to prevent cracks from spreading further.
  3. Love it or we give your money back: Backed by our ‘No questions asked’ 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


  • Used on chips, cracks, gouges, and scrapes in floor and wall tiles in your bathroom, kitchen or even outdoors
  • Used on all porcelain and ceramic tiles, bathtubs, sinks; plus fridge, stove and appliance scratch repair


  • High gloss finish
  • Suitable for vertical surfaces
  • Suitable for food preparation areas and wet areas
  • Water-soluble and non-toxic
  • Super, long-lasting repairs – guaranteed for 3 years
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee