Zoom Wood Floor Scratch REPAIREZY™ - MagicEzy AU
Zoom Wood Floor Scratch REPAIREZY™ - MagicEzy AU

Wood Floor Scratch REPAIREZY™

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At last … virtually undetectable repairs for scratched wooden floors and furniture.

Normally, it isn’t easy to repair scratches professionally. Until now, that is.

Touch up pens only partially hide the damage, but they don’t fill it. And - solidly coloured waxes stand out and often fall out too.

Wood Floor Scratch REPAIREZY™ is unique. It’s a clear, nanotechnology powered filler and sealant that gives you a long-lasting, professional-looking repair – GUARANTEED.

  • Lifetime Durability GUARANTEE.
  • NO MISMATCHED COLOUR: Repairs blend in with the original wood grain.
  • SO EASY ANYONE CAN DO IT: Just clean, squirt, level and wipe.


  • TYPE OF DAMAGE: Deep scratches, dents, claw marks, and gouges.
  • MATERIAL: Hardwood, pine, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, cedar, walnut and all types of solid wood.
  • SURFACES: Floors, walls, doors, trims, wooden furniture, high gloss kitchen. cabinets. Not suitable for synthetic wood floors, vinyl or ply).
  • FINISH: Gloss – adjustable to matte.
  • COLOUR: Clear


Wood Floor Scratch REPAIREZY™ is a clear repair filler with a gloss finish.

Its translucence means that the repair is hard to detect because it blends in with the original wood.

Tech Specs

  • Water soluble, one-part epoxy touch up filler (air catalyst).
  • UV and water resistant.
  • Can be sanded and drilled.
  • Suitable for use at temperatures above 70°F / 20°C.
  • In cool temperatures use a hairdryer to set for 2 minutes.
  • Vol. 12.9mL / 0.43 fl oz
  • 90-day Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Application Instructions

Do NOT use when temperature drops below 70°F / 20°C as the product will not cure.

  1. Scrub the area using soapy water and a toothbrush then rinse and fully dry.
  2. Shake the tube for 20 seconds.
  3. Apply enough to overfill the damage then wipe level using the end of the tube.
  4. Immediately remove smears with a damp tissue.
  5. ‘Set’ the repair using a hairdryer for 20 seconds.
Cure time:
  • Apply at 70F/20C for 2 hours (in cooler conditions allow more time) then recoat (if necessary)
  • Avoid any contact for 48 hours after application.
  • Avoid getting wet for 14 days (If necessary, cover area with a temporary shield. eg. plastic bag sealed with electrical tape).
  • MagicEzy will continue to strengthen and harden over the next 14 to 28 days BUT itis extremely strong in 48 hours.

For a matte appearance: Tap repair with your finger immediately after step #5. Use a hairdryer until the repair looks matte.

FOR DEEP DAMAGE- wait an hour and repeat steps #3, 4, & 5. If required, repeat this process more.

FULL COLOR CLARITY and TOUCH DRY in 2 hours. Full strength in 3 weeks.

Safety Data Sheet


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